What clients and colleagues have to say?

Monica James – New Business Development Agent

IMG 8763 “I came away from the 2 day course with a sense that this was only the beginning of a life changing way of approaching and staying in relationship with others, no matter what our differences are.

I’m going to own the fact that I’m capable of taking on a role that others are holding and I will be using the 4 steps effectively in order to remain in relationship.”

Maurits Brans: Trainer Creative Concept Development & Creative organisations, SRM School voor Reclame and Marketing (Netherlands)

Maurits Brans small “Loved the Deep Democracy Level 1 training. Such a sympathetic way of generating decision making, even under the conditions of very diverse opinion. The method really opens your mind to finding wisdom by hearing participants with a total different view.

The way Debbie Donaldson facilitates the program is a divine and very effective balance of lightness whilst not losing the seriousness of the session.

Debbie is a lovable facilitator and I would love to work with her again.”

Tandy Williams, Kuvaka

Tandy small

Deep Democracy Leadership program:

“For me the Deep Democracy training was a great eye opener. I specifically loved the Role Theory section of the training. I had never realised how we sometimes get stuck in the roles that we have always played.

This new perspective has added value to my personal and work life and has equipped me with tools to be able to handle situations that I was previously ill-equipped to handle. On the whole I enjoyed every bit of the training and I am looking forward to applying all that I have learnt more in my work life.”

Mr Lauf, Teacher, Life Orientation and Business Studies: Assumption Convent School

Debbie Donaldson’s conflict resolution and relationship management skills are valuable tools for young people to develop and master. Maintaining these core relationship skills are vital in each person’s professional and personal capacity. I fully endorse this programme and we look forward to participating again in future.

Travis Leff: Matric Class of 2013

As a matric learner we go from asking questions such as “May I please go to the bathroom?” to “What will I do with my life?” in a few short months. This can be a hugely emotional stage.

I recently faced this exact problem and sought the support of professional coach, Debbie Donaldson. The whole experience has been unlimitedly rewarding. You see, I was assisted to not only think about the opinions of other people regarding my study and career choice, but to think about myself and what I really wanted in a way that I never had before.

The techniques involved required me to argue both sides of my ultimatum from different sides of a room, made even more real by the blazing emphasis placed on my debates by my coach. The idea here is very simple but unbelievably effective. When arguing with one’s self in a literal capacity, you soon start to realize who you really are and what kind of values you carry as a person. Inevitably, you will feel yourself gradually favouring one side of the argument as you jump back and forth over the chalk line.

I can honestly say that in one session of coaching, I learnt who I really was inside and what really meant the most to me. Of course, once you get such a strong sense of self-realisation, it becomes a lot easier for a boy to figure out who he who would like to become as a man.

Alistair Dry, Executive Head at Bishop Bavin School said:

“All too often we put young people into positions of leadership without empowering them with the skills and knowledge to exercise leadership. The Deep Democracy course has been outstanding in giving our prefect candidates the insight into their own abilities and short-comings, as well as into the dynamics of the groups they will lead. I have no doubt that they will be better leaders as a result.”

Eunice Da Fonseca, Manager Learning & Development: Aon Insurance Brokers

Debbie facilitated a challenging conflict resolution process for me, in three hours she managed to shift the issue completely. Her ability to contain the process, whilst creating a safe space for us to speak honestly about what did not work as well as what we truly desired as individuals was phenomenal!

Debbie is insightful, humorous and calm in her approach. She has the ability to integrate various methods to suit the need of her clients and this is a rare quality.

She has no doubt assisted me in creating a cohesive team that is fully on board with what our purpose is!

The potential was always there, Debbie was the catalyst in helping us release it.

Randall Adams: CEO, Debt Counsellor

“I am sincerely grateful to this phenomenal lady as she gave me an opportunity in life by employing me into her division and this has culminated to my career and business success. Far too often we don’t get the opportunity to we have met a mentor of this calibre and integrity – I am proud to have met Mrs. Donaldson!!”


Arnold Van Der Linde: Chairman STRIDE: Short-term Insurance Data Exchange

“Debbie during our STRIDE strat session showed incredible insight into the industry that helped guide the direction and thinking of the group into a futuristic view of what STRIDE will and can offer the industry in years to come.  The challenging questions posed by Debbie helped keep everyone focused on the strategy and not the current operational problems that sometimes take over any strategy session.

Debbie helped us keep focus on the solutions STRIDE will offer the industry after the first phase of binder data exchange. The confidence and excellent leadership of Debbie as facilitator and her ability to interact on the highest level with industry leaders kept us focused throughout. Debbie operates with the end goal in mind and achieves that with distinction. We walked away with a much clearer plan for execution


Ben Webbstock: Project Manager

“A skilled facilitator helps to structure any debate and ensure wisdom is taken from ALL the participants which does ensure progress is made collaboratively. The outcome is that much more robust as a result and clear decisions are made on the back of many perspectives. This is really critical for industry initiatives.

Debbie has a wealth of experience in the industry making it easier to build / guide workable strategies. She`s also trained herself to truly incorporate different stakeholder concerns in order to drive results more efficiently.”

Deon Ocklers, General Manager: STRIDE

“In today`s business environment management has numerous challenges on both their time and resources. The facilitated session assisted with acknowledging that there are numerous challenges within the industry at present. It was clear we needed to balance both the short and long-term business initiatives in the allocation of resources to ensure that we build a sustainable industry.

The structured approach as well as the ability of the facilitator to keep the team focused on the conversation at hand ensured that we achieved our objective in the session. Her world view as well as experience on both the insurer and broker side assisted considerably in understanding the needs of both role players as well as their constraints.

The difference with this session is that we were able to be brutally honest and to the point. We agreed what needed to happen by when. Management execution with the assistance of the Board of Directors ensured that we achieved our action plan on the agreed due dates.”