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Daily practices: Lockdown and Beyond

Supporting you and our community. We will add a different activity every two days for you to try. Enjoy the journey... #Practice 12 : Focusing on intent Daily interaction can be so “automated” that we [...]

Quote of the month

“The ability to observe  without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” J. Krishnamurti

Quote of the month

“You are not a victim. You can control your reactions.  You do have a choice.” Caroline Leaf.

Open forum discussions: Lockdown and Beyond

Supporting you and our community. Free open forum discussions to engage on issues that matter to you at this time. You will experience an intro or refresh to the “Deep Democracy” and “Compassionate communication” skills. [...]

Family Counselling and Mediation

Glynis Ratcliffe specialises in family & divorce mediation. She is a SAAM (South African Association of Mediators) registered and FAMSA (Families South Africa) trained counsellor with over 20 years’ experience. Her career started with trauma [...]

Quote of the month

Quote of the month “  People often say That motivation doesn’t last. Well, Neither does bathing – That’s why We recommend it daily.” -Zig Ziglar

Poem of the month

The lines of this song are like a poem. I trust you will take from it what you need. If You Listen Elizabeth Mitchell If you listen you can hear Birds sing and flowers [...]

Personal book reflection …

Personal book reflection … Speak Peace In a World of Conflict Marshall B. Rosenberg Marshall Rosenberg started sharing his work in non-violent communication (NVC) some forty years ago and I had the good fortune [...]

The mind CAN change the brain!

Written by Dr. Caroline Leaf Thirty years ago, I set out to answer a question that was considered at the time to be ridiculous: “can the mind change the brain?" Back in the eighties many [...]