About Debbie Donaldson


My life journey has been incredibly fulfilling, I have learnt the value of being present in each moment with appreciation and joy.

The name of my business comes from something my husband has said to our children and I so often over the years. When I`ve thanked him for something he has done he often says: “I do this because YOU`RE worth it”.

As I’ve passed this on to colleagues and friends the impact has been overwhelming positive.

To my mind you, us, our families, our communities and our country are worth it!

We are worth making our vision happen!

What has helped me keep perspective across all the spheres of my life?

“We can always find a solution it just depends on our appetite for getting there.” 

Why wait for tomorrow or the next day. Why waste time talking about the vision – where is the behaviour and actions to make it happen?

This package of services is about helping you deliver against your vision. The tools I’ve put together for you, your family and for your business have been tried and tested locally and internationally.

A little insight into my career

Having started my career as a pharmacist I was immediately attracted to complex and challenging business environments. Being able to participate in historical moments within the pharmaceutical, credit bureau and insurance sector since the early eighties until today has been fantastic.

Some of the most rewarding work I’ve done has been the work in creating new or revised business models especially related to sustainable development.

This work has helped me recognise the significance of understanding systemic risk and how by understanding the interrelationship of risks/opportunities you are able to design and implement interventions and strategies that have positive impact beyond the business or the sector at hand.

My challenge to each of us

Challenge yourself to build your business without increasing your use of natural resources… seek to save natural resources… interesting, essential and cost effective.

Why this business now?

Personal growth and development has been a consistent companion in all spheres of my life because I experience my environment as changing.

Being privileged to have an amazing business leader in SA as my first coach attracted me to this area of the business. Having worked in senior positions where buy-in, team dynamics and collaboration are a consistent daily companion, I have learnt some extremely valuable lessons along the way. Now that my sons have reached the young adult stage of their lives the opportunity has arisen to explore my own business interest.

As a society we need to make things happen and it starts with us, our families and our own spheres of influence in our businesses.

Contact us for more information and insight. We welcome the engagement.

because YOU`RE worth it!… invest in yourself, your family and your business.