Your Individual Leadership Program

because YOU'RE worth it!

is a Leadership Consultancy designed to support you in making your vision happen.

Leadership starts with me

A personal invitation from business owner: Debbie Donaldson

“Be the change you want to see.”

This personal choice starts where you are.

Honour yourself as you make this powerful decision.

You have so much wisdom that is just waiting to be tapped into.

Investing in yourself, relationships and ensuring you implement your vision can happen despite your current or past experience.

You don’t have to do this alone, my offer is to facilitate your journey.

How can we complement your journey?

strategyWork with you and / or your team in designing “strategy to action” plans to meet your organisational imperatives. From facilitating the action plan to overseeing the practical implementation on your behalf. Methodologies include a systematic approach to strategy implementation.

LeaderWorking with your team in building practical and meaningful leadership skills. Collaborative decision making to hear all the voices, increase buy-in, increase effectiveness and break down silos internally and with external stakeholders. This is a South African designed, globally recognised programme that provides practical hands-on skills development.

coachingIndividual personal coaching for you or your team as holistic individuals exploring change to achieve your vision.

FacilitateFacilitate important meetings and workshops designed to achieve a particular outcome using an independent facilitator that understands what it takes to make things happen. The facilitation method creates an atmosphere for buy-in and robust decision making.

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